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Hello and welcome to asset tv's european institutional news update with me marco, get in this program! How cheap is facebook china's index concentration you immigration ? The rise of car sharing on top fund by predictions first up facebook share price drop some twenty percent of late on the back of slowing revenue growth and rising costs, but until the next quarterly earnings figures come out here's a statistic to think on t rowe price's equity portfolio specialist lawrence taylor points out that in the two years to the end of may twenty eighteen facebook's p ratio fell by fifty percent as earnings and risen much faster than the stock price. Speaking of growth, ross stepherson, manager of the jupiter china select seek, have sees plenty of opportunity at stock level to buy into companies, particularly those that don't have debt on which are not dependent on exports and hence vulnerable to trump's trade war rhetoric. He's got some views on tech to he points out two stalks ten cent in alibaba now make up thirty percent of the sea i china index well, two sectors, information technology and financials make up some sixty percent of the same benchmark there. Might be more tech around, but what happens if we get into the habit of sharing it ? The boston company has been looking at carpooling systems. These are becoming more popular in cities, for instance, in china, on where public transport is inadequate, the group predicts karpel is the obvious next move. Over belgium. And chris jeffrey, strategist in the asset allocation team, argues that markets of putting a political risk premium on those you states that elect populist governments, which take a strong stance against you. Immigration. He cites the ten per cent fall in italian equities following the country's recent election. On finally, some ninety one percent of leading funded by guys think that in the next five years, sg will become more important, and sixty percent think they're going to increase their exposure. Active managers. These are two of the findings from pine bridge investment survey ofthe funds, electors at the summer funds foreign conference in berlin for links to the results of that. And all the other stories mentioned in this bulletin. Do have a look below the player. Thank you for watching and good bye for now.