European Institutional News | July 2021

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M&G shuffles its fixed income team, Nuveen Real Estate picks up Paris property and BNP Paribas gains full ownership of Exane.
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Hello and welcome to the european institutional partnership update with me severe garrity. In this edition, Energy shuffles it's fixed income team naveen real estate picks up paris property and BNP Para but gains four ownership of explain. Let's start with Energy where some changes have been taking place on its european and global credit strategies. Fund manager Wolfgang Bore, who has been at the firm for nearly nine years, will take on responsibilities supporting european and multi asset credit strategies and mandates for institutional investors. Meanwhile, Matthew Russell will manage that €82 million. Energy european inflation linked corporate bond fund and Gareth Angel will become co manager of the €463 million. Energy Euro Corporate bond fund M and G manages €57 billion on part of institutional investors, including flagship strategies such as the Energy, european Credit Investment fund and Energy Total Return Credit Investment fund. Next move in real estate has added to its management portfolio with a Parisian. By The office sits in the 15th arrondissement and both a large roof terrace, as well as views of the Eiffel Tower. It is currently let out to mobile phone provider Orange Levin acquired the property on behalf of the city hold office partnership. It manages chop, is made up of four investors, including T I A. 81 82 focuses on buying property in tier one european cities across the sea. In Edinburgh, Navin real estate has just celebrated the Phase one opening of its £1 billion ST James quarter. The retail development in the city centre opened on 24 June, with more than 40 retailers given H&M and Mango. The developments, hospitality and residential elements are set to complete through to 2022 Naveen real estate is one of the largest real estate managers in the world, with $133 billion €8 billion European offices. Finally, BNP Paribas has completed its 100% acquisition of investment companies, saying a move first announced in March this year, BNP raised its stake from the 50% previously held during a 17 year partnership. This is designed to strengthen BNP Paribas position in European equities following its acquisition of Deutsche Bank electronic equities and prime brokerage clients back in 2019. Unfortunately, that is all we have time for. Thank you for watching and goodbye for now. What do you want? Mhm.

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