Sustainability | Institutional Masterclass

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  • 44 mins 46 secs

Learning: Unstructured

What date should a pension scheme pick for going carbon neutral and what does it need to decide before making that commitment? On the panel to discuss:

  • Frédéric Hoogveld, Head of Product Development & Specialists – ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta, Amundi
  • Victoria Barron, Head of Sustainable Investment, BT Pension Scheme Management Limited
  • Claire Curtin, CAIA, Head of ESG, Pension Protection Fund
  • Michael Marshall, Head of Sustainable Ownership, RPMI Railpen

Parts of this discussion:

  • Part One - A positive stance on going carbon neutral
  • Part Two - Policy makers or markets - who has the power
  • Part Three - Accounting for sustainable growth
  • BTPS Climate Change Policy
    RPMI Railpen Voting Policy
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